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5 Things you should know about Powede Eniola who is a certified pilot and nurse


Nigerian women are doing great things. It’s easy to subscribe to the notion that models are airheads, or beautiful women have nothing in their brains.

But Nigerian women like Agbani Darego, Oluchi Orlandi, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde have proved that this is not true. Powede Eniola Lawrence is a Nigerian woman that’s spreading all her black girl magic everywhere, and we are excited to see her sparkle.

1. Powede Eniola Lawrence is an extraordinary Nigerian woman who is breaking barriers and achieving great things

2. She was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Tourism 2013 and went on to flight school

3. She is now a certified pilot

4. She studied and qualified as a registered Nurse before going on to flight school

5. She recently clocked 25 and shared beautiful pictures


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She’s currently among the ladies we call — Beauties With Brains (BWB). Congratulations to Powede.

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