Viral 4 Nollywood actresses that were killers in the past

4 Nollywood actresses that were killers in the past


Incase you don’t know yet, few of our Nigerian female celebrities have killed before.

They have been involved in murder cases before now — Yes, cold blooded murder for sure!

Nollywood Actresses

1. Rabi Ismaila

In 2005, she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging for murdering her boyfriend. She was said to have lured him to the Tiga Dam for a picnic, where she poisoned his chocolate before proceeding to drown his body. Rabi, was convicted and sentenced but escaped the prison she was been held in 2012. Till date, she is yet to be re-arrested.

2. Bimbo Akinsanya

This popular Yoruba actress, Bimbo Akinsanya was accused of attempted murder. The actress, was said to have sent a young boy to kill a certain Rev.Pat Ogechi back in 2011, who claimed she was shot and wounded on the left shoulder by the said boy. Bimbo, was eventually acquitted after the case was taken to court.

3. Tayo Odueke

Another popular Nollywood actress, popularly called Sikiratu Sindodo in the Yoruba speaking part of the movie industry, was accused of manslaughter for crushing a 16-month old baby known as Damilola with her car. She was arrested and detained at the police station before finally been freed as she was not found guilty.

4. Ibinabo Fiberesima

The actress and one time AGN president was convicted of murder after was said to have been drunk driving which resulted in her killing a doctor of the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, in person of Fiwa Suraj. She was initially sentenced to a  5-year jail term which she appealed before been granted a N2 million bail.