Viral 12 Nigerian Celebrities and Musicians in Illuminati

12 Nigerian Celebrities and Musicians in Illuminati


Which Nigeria celebrities and musicians indulges in Illuminati worship? In fact, this organization apparently controls most part of the society. It`s incredible how one organization can actually build a community of most influential  members in the world.

Illuminati members are spread all over the world and have different names for their organization. There are also some theories about their influence on richest celebrities in Nigeria, and these celebrities you may not have known up till now. But we’re going to reveal all the illuminati members in Nigeria who are also celebrities and musicians.

1. D’banj

He is one of the most welcome guests on any party in Nigeria. His real name is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo. He can be named one of the most favorite persons in Nigeria. He has over one million followers on the Facebook. Therefore, it`s not a surprise that he can be named one of the most influential Illuminati members in Nigeria. His songs are popular in Africa, and it can only mean that he can feel perfectly fine in the ranks of illumination.

2. Charly Boy

One the most extravagant people in Africa`s show business. He is also a man that have no fear in providing his allegiance to Illuminati. He has a special desire to show all the world that they are controlled by this powerful group. Charly Boy is a famous singer, songwriter, and producer, that can perfectly understand all measures of Illuminati. His lifestyle and performances leave his fans no choice rather than to follow him in everything. He has his show on TV. It`s also well-known that he has a famous cousin called Dr. Alban. Despite his constant showing love to Illuminati in front of public, Illuminati still keep him as a member.

3. 2Face Idibia

2Face is also known by a stage name 2Baba and is the most bankable and successful pop artist in Africa. He had a difficult life, but despite it all, he managed to succeed on the stage. 2Face released six albums and more than fifteen singles, which are popular even behind Nigerian borders. He also works as a producer and is the most powerful character of the modern Nigerian pop-stage.

4. Davido

He is from Nigerian tribe called Yoruba, one of the biggest and widespread tribes in Africa. He was born in America, but he holds on to his roots. Davido is the co-owner of a sound company. The second co-owner is his brother. Davido’s art is strongly connected with his native roots. That is why he is so popular on the Nigerian stage. He had more than 46 nominations in different musical competitions and won 26 of them. He is one of the youngest members and one of the Illuminati new members in Nigeria. Nevertheless, it doesn`t make him less powerful at all.

5. Tonto Dikeh

She is an actress, whose origins are from Nigeria. She is also a singer, a photo model and she participated in a couple of TV shows. Her destiny is very sad despite it started so bright and happily. This summer Tonto confirmed the rumors about her disease. Unfortunately, she is sick – she has cancer and her life, according to the doctors’ words, would be no longer than two or three months. Nevertheless, you should remember that members of Illuminati always have a plan that includes some ideas of cloning Illuminati celebrities. It means that one day you might expect some news that Tonto Dike managed to survive cancer.

6. Wizkid

He has started his career very early when he was only eleven years old. He had five albums released and won many music awards, including awards given by a Nigerian Music Awards. The most well-known scandal Wizkid participated in was about denying his baby boy. Wizkid was not married to a girl who gave birth to a child, but the DNA expertise confirmed that Wizkid is the real biological father. Now Wizkid has relationships with another woman. He is also one of the most rebellious Illuminati celebrity members.

7. Goldie

She as a famous and very popular singer in Nigeria. This talented woman was born in Lagos. She managed to release two albums until she died in a hospital at the age of 29. The reasons are still unknown. Goldie was married; her husband has left as a widower. Her membership in the Illuminati is confirmed by her appearance in almost every official list of Illuminati members in Nigeria

8. Tiwa Savage

She was produced and introduced to the public by already mentioned singer and producer Davido. Tiwa has started her career with singing on the back vocal of George Michael, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas and other very famous performers. She released two albums and became a mother for the first time recently – in 2015 Tiwa gave birth to her first son.

9. P-Square

It`s a duet that consists of two identical twins, brothers Peter and Paul. Twins were inspired by Michael Jackson as a role model, and they made many parodies on him. Also, they have made parodies on MC Hummer, who also was their idol. The duet released seven albums including compilation one. P-Square members are almost inseparable – after they both married with their beloved girlfriends, they have bought two houses next door.

10. T.B Joshua

He’s a pastor here in Nigeria. He is the only leader and main pastor of few churches, including Synagogue and Church of all nations. Ha has received many awards because of his role in modern attitude to religion in Africa. He also communicates with people on Facebook giving them advice and supporting their faith. He also records video tapes for YouTube and has his channel.

11. Nneka

She is an African singer. She was born in Nigeria in a tribe called Igbo. Now she lives in Germany. Nneka sings her songs in English and Igbo language. Her mother is from Germany originally, but her father’s roots are from Nigeria, so she travels from one country to another a lot. She sings reggae, soul and hip-hop songs. She managed to release seven albums including one mini-album named “The Uncomfortable Truth.”

12. Da Grin

Dagrin is the last in our list but not least. He also related to a Yoruba Nigerian tribe. Dagrin was a rap and hip-hop performer. He died in a vehicle accident in 2010 and many people connect his death with his membership in the Illuminati. People say that he had violated secrecy, and this was the reason to kill him, but these rumors are confirmed by nothing. There was a movie, released in 2011, filmed about his life.

We also heard a rumor which said that, the late Pope John Paul was an illuminati member before his death. What do you think?