Viral 17 things you can relate to if you’re in a single party...

17 things you can relate to if you’re in a single party this Valentines season


Valentines Day is fast approaching again!

And if you’re still single within this season for lovers, you’ll be like:

Valentine’s Day is always a painful reminder of how single and alone you are in life. It always turns out to be called a single day for people like you.

Well, here are some things all the single folk will be able to relate to this valentines season:

1.  Everywhere you turn to there’s a reminder that it’s almost valentine’s day

2. You don’t have a Val yet

3. Because you’re single as fuck

4. All your friends are so excited of their Valentine’s Day plans

5. They’re showing off their presents everywhere

6. You’re so bitter that all you can think is ‘Even your boo get a boo’

7. You pretend like you don’t care

8. Meanwhile, deep down inside you’re dying

9. When someone asks you why you don’t have a Valentine, you’re like:

10. When your friends ask what your plans are, you’re like:

11. Then you realise that you’ve never had bae on Valentine’s Day

12. You have never gotten a present on val’s day

13. Even your younger siblings in secondary school have Vals

14. But then being single has a few perks

15. Like not having to buy anybody a present during this recession

16. Enjoying all your favourite things alone or with other single friends

17. And when Valentine’s Day is over and people in relationships are facing stress and wahala, you’d just be there like:

Lol… Are you single this season? Did you break-up with your lover already?