Viral Sarkodie: The real truth about his death hoax (He’s not dead!!!)

Sarkodie: The real truth about his death hoax (He’s not dead!!!)


Its all over the news that Ghanaians Fastest Rapper, Sarkodie was confirmed dead in Johannesburg, South Africa following a shooting incident at the Movida Club in Sunninghill shootout some nights ago.


Loyal Fans of sarkodie have been been wondering whether theirrkodie favorite rapper is still alive or dead. Meaning the hash-tag ” sarkodie dead ” has been trending and news about sarkodie’s death have seen many interest. Many are still wondering if Sarkodie is really dead , many cant still believe sarkodie is dead.

In what turned out to be a hoax, the amorphous website (meganews360) either faked the news to attract readership to boost hits or was grossly misinformed by a source.

Sarkodie dead.

In the Internet era, an arm of journalism that focuses on fake news is emerging. This trend of fake news is more prominent in the US, Europe and Asian countries. While some fake news is produced purposefully by bloggers seeking to make money from advertising, false information can also arise from misinformed social media posts by regular people that are seized on and spread through a hyper blogosphere.

His latest tweet proves he’s still alive and healthy.