Viral Nigerian Man: 7 Things you must do before turning 30

Nigerian Man: 7 Things you must do before turning 30


30 is an important age of your young Adulthood.

It is a crucial phase-the beginning of the rest of your life. Which ever part you’re from, you need to prepare yourself and get equipped before you reach your 30th year.

Below are the things you must do as a Nigerian man before you clock 30 years:

1. Must make sure to have a job


At 30 you shouldn’t be staying at home doing nothing or loitering about the street. Being in school is not even an excuse. It mustn’t necessary be a white collar job, you can learn a skill or any good trade. Just have something doing.

If you must know, there are lots of benefits attached to being employed; you earn an income to help pay your bills and buy things for yourself. Plus, it makes you responsible and your family won’t have to worry about you.

2. You should try to live alone


Every Nigerian man must experience living alone especially before turning 30. It’s the final step in transitioning from boy to man. You have to come out of your comfort zone, because will never live with your parents forever.

Living alone better prepares you to raise your own family as Freedom is essential and living alone gives you everything.

3. Set up a life goal for yourself


A life without a goal is like an Airplane without direction, its fuel will eventually get exhausted and it lands with crash. You must define what you want in life.

A goal gives you clarity and focus. It helps you live the kind of life you desire. Before 30 every man have discovered his life purpose and all goals must be dependent on that, but don’t go with the crowed.

4. Learn to speak other Nigerian languages

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It is not enough to understand only your own dialect. Nigeria is a country with over 250 languages, learning at least one out of it won’t hurt.

Being able to speak another person’s language helps you connect with them. It increases your chances of getting a job and it helps you make new friends. Before 30, learn to speak preferably one of the 3 major Nigerian languages.

5. Try to have a responsible best friend


We all know how important friends can be despite having numerous friends, having a best friend is essential.

Your best friend should be someone you can trust, someone who understands and connects with you. Someone who supports and encourages you, someone who believes in you.

6. You must know how to cook


Most Nigerian men don’t consider cooking a worthwhile skill. As Africans they believe cooking is a venture for the women.

Well, no matter what you believe, knowing how to cook is a skill every Nigerian man must acquire before he turns 30.

It helps you spend less because you won’t have to eat out all the time. Cooking is fun, you may even like it. Trust me, women like men who can cook.

7. Make sure you have a girlfriend

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It is a general believe that every man should be thinking about marriage at 30. As a man it is not such a bad idea having a girlfriend.

Girlfriends distracts you a bit, and a little distraction is good for you. Having a girlfriend before 30 better acquaints you to women and prepares you for ‘marriage’ in future.