Viral 5 Times Timaya proved he’s the best dressed celebrity with accessories

5 Times Timaya proved he’s the best dressed celebrity with accessories


Timaya loves to slay in native customized outfits.

This unique signature is what makes Timaya one of the most dressed celeb in Nigeria, and number 1 when it comes to adding flare to fashion.

This Nigeria dance hall artist sure knows how to slay, most especially when it comes to dressing in native attires. Timaya is a true fashionista, because of the way and manner of which he combines colours, matches his accessories and his unique style of dressing.

He knows when to dress casual and when to keep it cooperate. This has made Timaya a pleasure to behold whenever he appears on any entertainment magazine cover.

Although he is known for churning out hit tracks, his exclusive style of dressing has endeared him in the hearts of so many people when it `comes to fashion. Wearing a bowler hat or a sandal is a distinctive statement marker Timaya is known for:

1. He has special love for hats


It’s kind of rare seen Timaya without hat in his photos. This is something you cannot take away from most of his outfits.

2. He has flare for sandals


Timaya’s love for footwear is seen whenever he wears one, most especially sandals, which he constantly flaunts. His sleek leather sandals are just perfect every time he wears them

3. Mostly appear with unique sunshades


Timaya knows how to use sunshades. He wears them to strike a balance with whatever outfits he is wearing. This is one remarkable thing Timaya is good at doing whenever fashion is concern.

4. He doesn’t walk, pose and travel without a bag


If you are highly fashionable, then you would know how to match your saddle bag with your outfit. This is a criterion to know a fashionable person. So, for that reason I believe Timaya is highly fashionable.

5. Shades of Black is his color code


Black or a touch of black is a color you would definitely see on Timaya. He loves this color because of the boss status, black represent.

I sure hope you’ve been convinced by what you saw? Being a fashionable person doesn’t necessary mean you have to be very handsome or extremely rich, before you can dress to be recognized.