Entertainment News Steve Harris “Be Like Bobrisky” post shows he’s gay

Steve Harris “Be Like Bobrisky” post shows he’s gay


Instagram buzzes because of Instagram post by Life and Business Coach, Steve Harris concerning Bobrisky.

Steve Harris “Be Like Bobrisky” post shows he's gay

The “From Friend to Fiance” author, shared a side-by-side throwback photo/recent photo of Nigeria’s transgender and King of Snapchat, Bobrisky, and then called on his followers to “Be Like Bobrisky” — Hmm… it’s very RISKY!

Steve in one of his Instagram posts wrote:

[instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BV1yxY4loVO/”]

In response to his disappointed commenters, Steve Harris wrote again:

Allow me to wade into the matter. So, for those judging Bob based on his behavior, I guess Jesus didn’t die for him? I guess you’d have stoned Mary Magdalene, abused Jesus for hanging out with tax collectors and shady folk like Matthew (who wrote a gospel), or judged Saul of Tarsus before he became the Apostle Paul.

So while we are quick to judge Bob and disappointed in me, I’d respectfully suggest you thank God that your ish and secret struggles ain’t in the public domain. Besides, since most of the folk taking me to the cleaners seem to be Christian, ask yourself what The Lord’s greatest commandment was..

TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR (not only your church or people of your faith). Which is heavier? 50kg of bricks or 50kg of feathers? The answer IS NEITHER. Both are the same. Which sin is heavier, lying or homosexuality (none of which I support)? Simple. None. They are all sins to God. No sin is heavier! Quit being a Pharisee. This ain’t no theological debate, its a Biz case study.

Are you accepting his advise concerning Bobrisky business strategy?