Quiz Cross Dressers Fashion Battle: Bobrisky vs Denrele Edun

Cross Dressers Fashion Battle: Bobrisky vs Denrele Edun


Cross Dressing is lifestyle for most celebrity men in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, most male celebrities became famous through their choice of dressing and how they appear in public and on stages.

Denrele and Bobrisky are the most controversial cross dressers in the country that keeps making waves on the social media with their lifestyles. While their lifestyle choices might not be most peoples’ cup of tea, one thing is clear, they both are killer dressers and the god of Prada knows this.


Bobrisky found his way to fame through social media. The controversial male barbie and bleaching cream expert caught the attention of Nigerians with his videos and unconventional lifestyle.

Denrele Edun

Denrele was born in 1973 in Hamburg, Germany. He is a Nigerian multi-media personality that has won the hearts of many with his eccentricity and charisma. Denrele was always built for the screen and one look at the multi award winning diva will explain everything.

These two queens have one thing in common: they know how to bring it on in the style department. While Denrele is glamorous and bold with his style, Bobrisky is simple with major details to finish his looks.

Now, between these popular Cross Dressers — Bobrisky and Denrele Edun, who is the most fashionable?

Slayers Squad

Power Pose

Agbada Gang

Freshest Queens

Let us know whom prefer and why.